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Teachings with Geshe Dhonam
26th November and 3rd December

We are delighted to announce that Geshe Dhonam, resident teacher of Trashi Gomang centre in Mangere, is returning to our centre to teach. Geshe-la has been one of our long-time visiting teachers and we are honoured to host him for two Saturdays. The teachings will start at 10am and be followed by a shared lunch.


The topic is Song of Four Mindfulnesses, a spiritual song composed by the 7th Dalai Lama Kelsang Gyatso. Although the poetic beauty does not translate well, the brief text contains profound reminders and instructions on mindfulness of the inner guru, great compassion, divine identity, and emptiness.

Geshe-la is well qualified to teach this topic, since in addition to graduating with the Geshe Lharampa degree from Drepung Gomang Buddhist Monastic University after 22 years of study, he has also received the commentary for Song of Four Mindfulnesses from his teacher and thus holds the lineage and blessings of this transmission. Our founder Geshe Palden Tsering, prior to his passing, instructed his students to seek further guidance from teachers such as Geshe Dhonam.

To celebrate the conclusion of the teachings and to also observe the tsog day, we will end the session on 3rd December with a short tsog offering. Contributions of food, drink, flowers, or candles for tsog are welcome.

These teachings are free to attend as usual.

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