The centre’s on going activities, including the visiting teachers, require some financial aid.

Therefore, if you are able to help out with a financial donation, either big or small, it will be much appreciated.

By sponsoring the Centre the benefactors will benefit of all the merit gained by doing so.


To help the Centre on a regular base to cover the daily costs one can set up an automatic payment of $10 per month and sponsor an Amitabha Buddha statue. The benefactor's name will be placed at the feet of one of the Amitabha Statues in the Gompa (one name per statue).

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Donations (tax-deductible) can be made to:
Bank Account: ASB 12-3136-0049333-00
Name: Trashi Ganden Choepel Ling Trust
40 Waverley Ave, Glenfield, Auckland

Please add a reference what you would like to sponsor: Gompa, Centre, Za Rinpoche's Visit, Visiting Teachers, Amitabha


Yellow Tara Wealth Bumpa/Vase


The Yellow Tara Wealth Vase is in essence the Yellow Tara who is a manifestation of the Buddhas enlightenment activities. She bestows prosperity, harmony, health, abundance towards ones family and fulfills all wishes to those who have faith and respect towards the deity and recite her praises. If by remembering Yellow Tara one recites the praises two, three or seven times sincerely for the sake of oneself and others, then one will have fearlessness, all evils like spirits, epidemics and food and drink poison will be pacified, one will attain the destruction of the lower realms and all suffering will be eliminated. Those wishing wealth will attain it and those wishing a child will have one. Without obstruction all their wishes will be granted and every hindrance will be destroyed as it arises. The seven million conquering Buddhas will quickly grant them every empowerment and they will attain greatness and go forth to the ultimate state of supreme Buddhahood.


The Yellow Tara Wealth Vase was made and consecrated at Trashi Ganden Choepel Ling by Geshe Pal Tsering. It was made to the exact specification in accordance to the traditional text: it has to be big, without any cracks, weight at least 1 kg, contains four auspicious symbols on the four directions with a Tam syllable printed on the vase, contains a picture of Yellow Tara in the middle of the Vase and surrounded by extensive Tara mantras written in gold and auspicious symbols.

The Wealth Vase also contains other precious substances listed below. These are then sealed and consecrated through a ceremony of extensive prayers and mantra recitation for seven days.

  • Relics of the 3rd Buddha, Kasyapa
  • Relics or personal belongings (eg. jewelry, nails, hairs, yellow robes) of Buddhist masters like Shariputra, Atisha and Naropa.
  • Chenrezig Nyungne’s Lineage Holder, Gelong Palno’s cloth and begging bowl
  • Par Tam Pa Buddha’s meditation rope
  • Flesh relics of Bodhisattva King, Yeshe Ghet
  • 84.000 Heaps of Sutra Text
  • Chandrakirti’s Guyasamaya Text
  • Guru Rinpoche’s Long Life Pill and Terma (Hidden Treasure)
  • Buddhist Master Pandita Nark’s hair
  • Pictures of Tara
  • Pictures of the Eight Auspicious Symbols
  • Soil gathered from holy and wealthy bearing places all around the world like Potala Palace in Lhasa, King’s and government’s palaces, wealthy families’ homes and agricultural land and worlds’ treasure
  • Precious stones like amber and turquoise
  • Silver, gold and jewelry
  • Silk, sandalwood, saffron and clean food
  • Hairs of yak, sheep and goat
  • Hairs and clothes belonging to people who have long life
  • Non-poisonous medicine
  • Tea, butter, honey, white and brown sugar
  • All types of fruits
  • Wheat, barley and rice
  • Camphor, incense and dried tree leaves

You can place the Yellow Tara Wealth Vase in a high, respectable and clean place like an altar, the cupboard or an enclosed box, preferably in the sitting room or office. Offerings can be made to the Wealth Vase

A Yellow Tara Wealth Vase costs $800

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(New) Consecration of the Wealth Vases by Geshe Sonam Rinchen and Geshe Sanghey Thinley on Friday 20th February 2009

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