At Trashi Ganden Choepel Ling different pujas are performed according to the Tibetan moon calendar.

Puja is a religious ceremony in which prayers are offered to the Gurus, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to request their blessings and invoke their help.

Pujas are performed to avert and clear the three types of obstacles: conditions that prevent us from achieving our worldly and spiritual goals – (1) worldly obstacles: these affect our day-to-day life, relationships, business and finances; (2) inner obstacles: these affect our health or mental state; (3) secret obstacles: these obstruct the attainment of innate wisdom and everlasting happiness.

Pujas are also performed for the dying to help pacify their mind, and for the deceased to bless and guide their mind to a higher state of rebirth, liberation and enlightenment.

Sponsoring Offerings in Pujas

Extensive offerings are made in the gompa for the benefit of the Center and for the students' inner (Dharma) and outer prosperity. Making beautiful and extensive offerings is very inspiring and encourages people to practice and create extensive merits.

Anyone who is having difficulties in their job or business and doesn't have time to do offerings at home could sponsor offerings at the Center. The gompa members can make these offerings on behalf of these people and for the Center. Whoever wants to participate, dedicate the merit for them. These merits act as causes which ripen to bring success in endeavours.

Lama Choepa - Tsog Offering

In the Mahayana tantric tradition, guru devotion is an essential practice. Lama Choepa is a blessed and powerful practice to purify negativities and to create merits by offering prayers to Lama Je Tsong Khapa who is inseparable from all the Buddhas. The guru is a personified form of all the enlightened beings and represents the complete blessings of Body, Speech, and Mind of the Buddhas. This practice is very beneficial since one can collect a great amount of merit and receive blessings from the enlightened beings. See Lama Choepa.

Long Life Puja

For many centuries, Tibetan Buddhists have offered long life pujas to their teachers. The long life puja purifies the relationship between teacher and disciple, and creates the merit for the teacher to remain among us. Since all realization depends on the blessing and guidance of the teacher, this ritual offering practice is extraordinarily precious. The essential practice for creating the cause for the Guru's long life is harmony between students. These pujas include chanting, requesting prayers, meditations, beautiful traditional offerings, gifts, and monetary offerings.

Cittamani Tara Puja

To be successful in our Dharma practice and to actualize the path to Enlightenment, we need to rely on a special Buddha like Tara. She is the Buddha in female form and is the embodiment of all the Buddhas’ siddhis. Tara is also known as the mother of all Buddhas. There are many inner and outer obstacles to our spiritual development. As the goddess of compassion, she has twenty-one forms, each possessing different qualities to assist sentient beings. She grants accomplishments and provides protections from all sufferings, sickness, and obstacles. See Tara.

21 Taras Sadhana Practice

Tara is the spiritual activities and compassionate embodiment of all Buddhas. The 21-Tara practice brings us wisdom and clarity to see and overcome inner obstacles and outer dangers. It will also help us to be successful in accomplishing the spiritual and worldly benefits swiftly. With practice we will find the ways to transform our fears and enabling us to protect self and others fearlessly.

Medicine Buddha Puja

The Medicine Buddha is the manifestation of the healing energy of all enlightened beings. He is the Healing Buddha who promised to help all those who are sick and who are dying. He is depicted in holding a bowl containing five kinds of medicines. This puja is often performed to request the blessing and help of the Medicine Buddha to heal disease, to clear obstacles to health, to have successful surgery, to help those who have already passed away, as well as to overcome obstacles to the achievement of temporary and ultimate goals and happiness, not only for oneself and loved ones but for all sentient beings.

See Medicine Buddha and Chenrezig.


After every Puja session all the merits will be dedicated; for the sponsor and the purpose of the sponsored puja; for the long life and good health of all the holy Gurus and for the accomplishment of their holy wishes without any obstacles; for the quick recovery of all those who have cancer, AIDS, athritis and all other illnesses; for Buddha’s teachings to remain until samsara ends; for all the animals liberated to find perfect human rebirths in their next life, to meet fully qualified Mahayana Guru, never be parted from their Guru in all their future lives until enlightenment and to have good health and happiness; for the long life, good health and success of all those who directly contribute to the events; and for the Center to be most beneficial to others according to the Dharma

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