The history of Trashi Ganden Choepel Ling in New Zealand

This is what Geshe Palden Tsering wrote on the 25th of March 2007:

Buddha Shakyamuni Sutra said: "May the sound of the great drum of Dharma end the suffering of all sentient beings. May I uphold the teachings of Dharma for many great eons."

Lama Tsong Khapa said: "With my heart filled with great compassion, in whatever direction the most precious teachings have not yet spread, or once spread have declined, may I expose this treasure of happiness and aid."

May the Buddha Dharma spread throughout this world, with the making of this Buddhist Centre, Trashi Ganden Choepel Ling, here in North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand. His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso the 14th Dalai Lama, my kind root guru, gave this Buddhist centre its name.


This house in Waverley Ave was bought and on the 10th November 2003 there was an opening ceremony. Sera Je Kensur Jampa Tenchog Rinpoche recited the auspicious Three Jewels prayer, opened the door and lit a butter lamp. Kachan Yeshe Gyatso recited the blessing bath ceremony and with that Trashi Ganden Choepel Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre was opened. After this time, I was able to give teachings on the Lam Rim, Sutra and Tantra. I gave teachings for the sole benefit of the students.

To all the people, please learn the Dharma.

It is only by the kindness of my gurus that I have met the unequalled teachings of the Buddha. I dedicate all this merit so that all migratory beings without exception may be guided in the present and future by the kind and holy gurus.

In the land encircled by snowy mountains, you are the source of all happiness and good. All powerful Chenrezig, Tenzin Gyatso please remain until Samsara ends.

Due to all these merits, may all father and mother sentient beings have all happiness.And may the lower realms be empty forever. Wherever there are bodhisattvas, may all their prayers be accomplished promptly. May I assist to cause all these accomplishments also.

May the supreme jewel Bodhichitta, that has not arisen, arise and grow, and may that which has arisen not diminish, but increase more and more.

With a warm heart and Bodhimind, compassion mind, I wish you good luck.
Many Tashi Delek.

Trashi Ganden Choepel Ling
40 Waverley Ave. Glenfield
North Shore City 0629
Auckland New Zealand

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