The 5 Tibetan Yogas

The 5 Tibetan Yogas is a series of physical movements that work with each of the five chakras or energy centres in the body. In turn, these have correspondences with the five buddha families and their traits. There are many layers of meaning to the practice for Buddhist practitioners but it is not necessary to be Buddhist to benefit from it.

(Rinpoche explained that the 5 Tibetan Yogas it is not based upon an initiation and that there are at this moment a lot of weird stories in the world about this practice)

ZaChoeje Rinpoche practices the 5 Tibetans and has agreed to share with us his own practice.

He recommends doing it because it balances the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) of the body and therefore it improves health. It is a nice way to start your day and you can integrate it in your spiritual energy balance in your daily life.It starts with a simple breathing exercise, includes a preparatory exercise before each of the five movements and concludes with a brief sitting meditation.

Rinpoche has led a group of about 40 people in the 5 Tibetan Yogas during his visit to New Zealand in March 2009.

We hope to receive more information about the 5 Tibetans during Rinpoche's future visits to New Zealand. For now we have the opportunity to develop our own experience of the practice by doing it.

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